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Just Who Is This Steve Gaghagen Guy, Anyway?

Well Howdy! Welcome to the “About Me” page, where you get to watch me hem and haw over what to write.

Well, actually … NOT. It’s all pretty simple. I’m a retired Actor, Vocalist, Director, and Author, who is a “Recovering” Realtor now creating income from home on the web and teaching other folks how to do the same!

See? Simple, right?

I live in gorgeous Big Bear Lake, California … with my OWNER.

Meet The Boss!

OK … That’s my Owner Monty. Monty is an Italian Mastiff (with a touch of Cane Corso we believe) who is the true boss around here. Actually he’s the best guy ever, and I’m thankful for him every day.

The Question Is Not “Who Is Steve” …
The Question Is …
“Can Steve Help You?

I’ve been marketing on the Internet in some form or another since 1993. I began online marketing in real estate. Since I was a Realtor in a resort area … where both buyers and sellers were hundreds of miles away … the Internet was a logical extension to my business, and I jumped on it very early on.

Eventually I migrated completely out of real estate and into Internet Marketing in general. I met some great folks along the way … like Janet and Don Legere, Gerry Schroeder, Bob Yeager … many folks who helped me learn the ropes and the specifics of Internet marketing.

Now I have a company called ONLINE TECHNIQUES that provides web marketing services for small businesses and provides online marketing training sessions … online workshops that are both free and paid. At this point I’ve helped hundreds of folks just like you to become successful working from home on the Internet.

The question now is: Can I help you?

I’d like to invite you to find out what everyone is buzzing about. Contact me for further information about a great new opportunity that I’d love to share with you.

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